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Raja Raja Chola Trail by Travel x Living, Rockys Exclusive.

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Travelling through Sri Lanka to relive the stories associated with Raja Raja Cholan, His trail, we shall follow to the time he ruled over the Emerald Isle and the mark he left behind on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a very beautiful island filled with amazing surprises with natural beauty and historical significance. As you have already travelled Sri Lanka, we would like to take you straight to the Trail.

As a pearl on the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka was an epicenter for trade on the Silk route for centuries. Let us start a ride through the history in points.

The Information shared here has been gathered specifically for you has been done so with a lot of effort and time speaking to experts and arranging experts and enthusiast to uncover the trail that can still take us back to glorious days of Ponin Selvan, Raja Raja Cholan.

Sri Lanka, Serendip, Emerald Isle, Taprobane, Tambani, Ceylon, Helabima, Eelam, Dambadiva, Jambudiva, are the names our island has been spoken as through history, from the belief and mention in the Islamic and Christian scripts that Adam was born in Sri Lanka at Adams Peak, while scientifically the Balangoda man found on the island dates to 38,000 BC. The oldest tree found in the world dating back to 307 BCE is found in Sri Lanka.

Here in our trip, we are going to be focused on an Era dating between 947 AD to 1150 AD, The era of The Chola Empires influence on the island.

Day 1, Jaffna,


15 min Navy boat ride from the pier to Nainathivu/ Nagadeepam, visiting Nagabooshani Amman Kovil, Ayyapam Kovil, Buddhist Temple and a 15 min Navy boat ride back to the pier. Drive through the only deserted town in the island with its architecture in-tact to the scenic Kajuna Beach. Followed by a drive through the Jaffna Library back to the hotel. Take rest. Evening visit the Nallur Temple between 6pm and 7pm.

Dinner and Rest in Hotel.

Day 2, Mannar and Anuradhapura,

The Rule.

Start From Jaffna to Mannar at morning 7 am and visit the Thirukoneshwaran Temple, and the Madu Matha Church. Ahead to the Thalai Mannar pier to observe Dhanush Kotti and leave to Anuradhapuram. Visit historical sites in Anuradhapuram.

Check into the hotel in Anuradhapura.

Day 3, Polanaruwa, The New Capital.

Start from Anuradhapura towards Polanuruwa driving through Sigiriya.

Check into hotel, and head to historical site for tour.


Finish tour head back to the hotel.

Day 4- Dambulla and Kandy, Flourish of Culture and Unity.

Dambulla Temple visit followed by drive through Kandy City, Check into the hotel. Visit to Kandy Tooth Relic temple followed by Kandian Dance performance in the evening.

Rest and relax in Kandy.

Day 5 Dambula – Pinna Wella -Colombo, The Strength.

Start towards Colombo from Kandy Visit Elephant Orphanages and check into hotel in Colombo. Stay in Colombo. Colombo evening visit with shopping.

Day 6 Colombo – Airport


City Tour and Shopping and drop to Airport.

Raja Raja Cholan Trail by Travel x Living, Rockys Exclusive

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