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Parvati Awakening Experience, Vikrant Himachal Pradesh

We curate a safe and hassle free Mountain Experience, where you can experience life with the mighty Himalayas for a backdrop. We try our best to keep all the curated experiences authentic and true to the local traditions and customs.

We educate our travelers of the local laws and customs and why its in place to have safe and informed experience.

At Travel x Living,

our moto is to allow our patrons to explore all the corners of their imaginations of mountain travel safe and sound,

may it be Motor biking, Paragliding, Hot Air Ballooning, Sky Diving, 4 x 4 off roading,

to walking trails with local guides to precious native villages hidden among the mountains without motorable roads, experiencing waterfalls and their local customs and food while nature around you is at her best, with the sounds of the Sacred Parvati rivers gushing in your ears.

Contact us for the best Packages for your next Mountain Experience.

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