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Travel Like a VIP- Here is a Trail for 10 Days, Ramayana Trail.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Colombo, Day 1. Shiva & Buddha

We will pick you up from the Airport and take you to the Hotel, You can refresh, relax have breakfast and leave for the city tour,

where we will start the tour from the oldest Shiva Temple in Colombo, followed by

a boat ride to see the Lotus Tower,

Independence Square and Arcade,

and then a drive around the important parts of the city with a guided tour.

We will visit the Gangarama Temple and watch the sunset from the Galle Face Beach,

Play games in the arcade,

followed by dinner by the beach at Mount Lavania Hotel.

And stay at Mount Lavania Hotel.

Day 2 Una Watuna, Hanuman.

We will be starting to Una Watuna, Galle in the morning.

Breakfast on the way in Sea Street, Very old Commercial Street of Sri Lanka

We will be taking a scenic route driving along the western coast of Sri Lanka to our Destination,

And Check into Kingfisher Resorts / Angel Beach or Taprophan in

Una-Watuna, we will have lunch here.

We can relax at the beach side café

And in the evening visit the Japanese Pagoda for some Peace and Tranquility and

experience an amazing sunset and the golden hour in the Galle Fort. We promise it will be a spectacular.

Dinner and Drinks and some Sri Lankan live Music at the Fort and

Back to The hotel.

Day 3, Welligama, Whales.


We will start early in the morning towards Mirrisa and get on the Yatch to go dolphin and whale watching, we will have to leave early morning and board the Yatch by 6 AM

We will be back after enjoying the 4-5 hour boat ride and leave to

Check in at Welligama Bay by JW Marriot

Lunch, Enjoy the property and have some beach time and water sports.

Day 4, Katara Gama Subramania.

Breakfast at hotel and Checking out from the hotel and heading to a

Tortoise Hatchery and learn about Tortoise and how the hatchery is protecting these endangered species.

We will head to Weerawilla Double tree hotels by Hilton

And Check in and Relax and Enjoy the Property

In the evening visit the famous Subramania Temple where he married Deyvani.

Followed by nice local dinner at the Hotel.

Day 5, Ella,


Leave Early morning for the Jungle Safari to see Leopards, Elephants, Crocodiles and other wild animals in their natural habitat.

Enjoy the Safari and come back to the Hotel.

Relax and refresh and check out and

leave to

Ella, a small hillock town where Ravana had a Cave Palace.

Lots of history and fun activities for kids.

Check into the Flower Garden hotel and relax in the cooler temperatures of Ella.

Visit Ravana s Falls.

Dinner at Chillie’s, Ella.

Day 6,

Ravana s City.

Breakfast at the Hotel and Check out.

Visit the beautiful Nine Arch Bridge and Ravana’s Cave in pre-arranged Local Tuk Tuks,

Lunch at Kevins Kasa, Pure Sri Lankan Traditional Style, Pre Historic tradions.

Visit Mayangana Buddhist Temple and head to Meemure. Peace and Tranquility.

Stay Meemure. In the Middle of Sri Lanka in untouched Jungle with a village that has been mentioned in the Vedhas and experience local traditions and activities.

Day 7,

Ravana s Treasures, Lakhegalla &

Budha’s Tooth

Visit the village temple, many thousand years old.

Breakfast at Camp, Lunch at Camp.

Leave in the evening to Kandy

Visit the Dalla da Malliga and experience the tradional Kandian Dance Program

And stay at The Heritance Tea Factory, Kandapola.

Day 8, Ramboda, Seetha Eliya and Sigirya

Hanuman and Seetha Maha Devi and The Lion Kigdom

Breakfast at Hotel, and leave to Ramboda Hanuman Temple,

have lunch at the hotel run by Hare Rama Hare Krishna Trust.

And head to Seetha Eliya, and visit the temple of Seetha Maha Devi and after prayers and pooja,

we leave to check into Heritance Kandalama.

Rest and relax in the Hotel.

Sun Set- Sigiriya Rock

Day 9, Dambulla The Sleeping Budha and A Crown Jewel of the British Empire

Breakfast at the Hotel,

Visit the Cave Temples of Dambulla

and lunch at Kandy

and leave towards Peradeniya Garden

take a tour of Peradeniya in a golf cart and understand the diversity of all the plants and flowers of the British Empire. A jewel of Garden with plants from all over the world.

And leave to Colombo

Colombo Stay – Galle Face Hotel

Shopping in Colombo

Dinner at the Hotel.

Night Life

Day 10, Colombo, The city that never sleeps.

Breakfast at Hotel, Market Visit, lunch, Cheap but Good Shopping Malls,


Ramayana Trail By Travel x Living, Rockys Exclusive.

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