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How to eat like a local in Sri Lanka

Lets explore the local cuisines that are a must try and what we try our best to bring out to your platter in the experiences we curate for you.

A melting pot of Indian, Southeast Asian, and Arabic flavors as well as colonial influences, Sri Lankan cooking is a feast for the senses, drawing on incredibly fresh herbs and spices and the bounty of the land and sea.

Munch down where the locals eat to enjoy Sri Lankan food at its most fiery and full-flavored. Here are the best things to eat and drink in Sri Lanka.

  • Munch on Sri Lankan hoppers,

  • Devour red or white string hoppers with curry, sambol and coconut milk gravy

  • Puttu with Sambol or Curry or Coconut milk,

  • Feast on rice and curry whenever you get the chance,

  • Sit down for a plate of kotthu,

  • Snack on isso vadai at Galle Face Green,

  • Start your day with pol roti,

  • Go for a lamprais brunch on Sunday,

  • Get messy with Sri Lanka's lagoon crabs,

  • Tuck into Sri Lankan kiribath,

  • Sip some local toddy,

  • Grab an arrack cocktail,

  • Slurp some kola kanda,

  • Hot Butter Cuttlefish,

  • Ambul Thiyal,

  • Village buffalo curd,

  • Maldivian Fish and Dry Fish Sambols,

  • Lavariya,

  • kool, Jaffna Broth

  • Kevum and Kokis,

  • Pongal,

  • Dodol,

  • Watalappam.

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